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Water Filtration Information 2/9/2017
Compiled by Linda Bartlett, Whidbey Island Water Keepers

Water filters

The following are resources for those looking to install water filtration systems for their homes. According to the Water Research Foundation (WRF), nanofiltration and reverse osmosis proved to be the most effective methods of removing even the smallest PFAS. Granular activated carbon (GAC) was shown to be adept and in many cases the most cost-effective treatment for removing most PFASs. Proper disposal of used filters would need to be explored.

Whidbey Island Water Keepers are not advocating for or recommending any one product. Individuals are encouraged to do their own research when making a decision for home and family or business and employees.

Aquasana - is the only company currently NSF certified in the reduction of PFOA’s. They offer filters for drinking water, showers, and whole house filtration

Michelle Priest
Home drinking systems – mostly under the sink models. Recommends a carbon block filter called Aqua-versa. Not NSF approved but believed effective in reduction and removal of PFC’s.

General Ecology, Inc
They felt that any of their Seagull IV series filters would reduce and/or remove PFC’s but did not have specific data supporting this.

Pure Planet Waters
Denise - 888-662-6885
They offer reverse osmosis systems but not NSF certified.

Watt’s Premier
A technical support (#4) person - recommended their systems which are reverse osmosis membranes with granular activated charcoal filters and carbon block filters; to the best of my knowledge these are not NSF certified. Recommended we also talk with their Pure H2O department 800-224-1299 (#2) regarding drinking water filtration and their H2O quality department 800-659-8400 (#4) whole house filtration systems.

Here are a number of links to online resources on filtration: