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Water Testing

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How to Have Your Drinking Water Independently Tested

The following are two of the laboratories that have the ability to analyze your drinking water for Perfluorinated Compounds. These laboratories utilize appropriate methods of analysis recognized by the EPA and Department of Defense.

Here’s how it works:

(You do not want the analysis reported in accordance with the EPA Method 537 UCMR3 format because it allows for some detectable and quantifiable amounts of PFOA and PFOS to be reported as zero, non-detect (ND) or undetected (U).)

Ideally you want your water analyzed for:

The laboratory will be familiar with this grouping. If pricing limits the number of chemicals you can have analyzed, you want PFOS, PFOA, and PFBS. The laboratory will provide you with container bottles, instructions for taking samples, chain of custody forms, and shipping instructions. Information about these and other laboratories can be found on the internet. A Water Keeper can help you if you need it.

We have talked to many labs and feel confident recommending these two. Call and compare their capabilities and prices.

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