Whidbey Water Keepers


Whidbey Water Keepers

Water is Life

Who are we and why are we doing this?

We are Whidbey Islanders. We chose this place to live and work and are committed people who love our island deeply. We are rooted in rural traditions and values. We've invested in open space and the Ebey’s Reserve and the many institutions that make this island beautiful and connected. We’ve built a culture with agriculture, arts and festivals and we have a history of everyone pulling together to make life sustainable and wonderful. Islands and Islanders do this.

Blue Herron fishing

As Islanders – we know Water is Life. And there's nothing like water to show we're all in this together.

The contamination of our water and aquifer has happened at the same moment that the Navy has announced its intension to increase personnel, planes and training to a level that will drive out some of the very people who have made this island great …. Generations of families and relationships are at stake.

There is no Federal agency to save us from these unregulated man-made chemicals. If we are to preserve our safe drinking water for ourselves and our children and grandchildren, we must do it ourselves.

Having stockpiles of this fire retardant used by the Navy as the Navy proposes increasing flight operations up to 35,000 from 6,100 flights, will increase the risk of crashes putting all of Central Whidbey’s water in peril.

Our group will advocate for clean drinking water, educate our citizens about water and their rights, and make polluters clean up their mess.